5.0.1 About OSN Play What is OSN Play?

OSN Play is an on-demand, online service that you can access from your PC or Mac. To see specific requirements, click here.

Back to top What can I watch?

OSN Play offers you 100s of hours of premium entertainment including movies, series, comedy, Arabic series, cooking, lifestyle, talk shows, and sports.

And, we’re adding lots of new content each month.

Back to top How much does it cost?

OSN Play is included as part of your OSN TV subscription at no additional cost.

Back to top Can I watch the same content that I can with my OSN TV package?

You can watch a lot of the same content, but not all.

OSN Play has three content levels:

  • OSN Play 1 for our Platinum HD and Premier HD customers.
  • OSN Play 2 for our Movies customers.
  • OSN Play 3 available to all our subscribers.

Back to top Why can’t I watch the same content on OSN Play as I watch on OSN TV?

OSN Play currently shows a selection of the shows and movies that you can watch with your OSN TV subscription as well as content that is not currently available on OSN TV. We’re planning to add lots of new content every month.

Back to top How can I increase the amount of content I can view?

Just give us a call and we’ll upgrade your package. Call us on any of the numbers below.

  • UAE & Others                  +971 4 367 7888
  • Saudi Arabia                             9 2000 4444
  • Bahrain                                       17 317 317
  • Jordan                                       06 5511615
  • Iraq                                      07 43 5360000
  • Kuwait                                         1 807 007
  • Qatar                                        444 77 1 77

Back to top If my OSN TV subscription is cancelled can I use OSN Play?

No, you need to have an active OSN TV subscription to enjoy OSN Play. To pay an outstanding amount, click on Secure Payment in My OSN and reconnect your services. Alternatively, you can call us make a payment over the phone.

Back to top If I cancel my OSN TV subscription do I need to cancel OSN Play?

No, once you have cancelled your OSN TV subscription, your OSN Play account will be inactive.

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5.0.2 OSN Play registration and account management How do I register for OSN Play?

To register for OSN Play, you need to be at home and tuned into an OSN channel.

Here’s how to register

Using the computer that you want to register as your main device, log on to www.osn.com and then….

  1. Click on the registration icon.
  2. Enter your OSN Smartcard number of your main OSN TV subscription.
  3. Create your username and password.
  4. Enter your e-mail address.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Once you have created your OSN ID, you will receive a SMS verification code to the mobile number we have in our records.

We will then send you an email link which you will need to click on to continue the registration process.

  1. Click on the link, enter your user id, password and the authorization code.
  2. You will see a welcome message on screen. You’re now ready to start watching OSN Play.
How do I register for OSN Play if I’m a cable subscriber?

For Du Customers:

  1. 1-To register, the customer must enter the du Account Number, date of birth and click on Verify to validate the information entered
  2. 2- Du Account number and date of birth are previously shared with OSN as part of back-end process
  3. 3- Once the data are validated, the customer can continue with the registration process i.e. OSN ID, Password, Greeting Name and e-mail address
  4. 4- The customer will receive an e-mail with a link in order to complete the registration process
  5. 5- Customer should click on the link in the e-mail and enter OSN ID and password previously created in the step 2
  6. 6- Upon successful verification of OSN ID and Password, the customer will get a welcome message and will be logged in

For Omantel Customers:

How to avail offers

  1. 1-To register for the Free OSN app, simply go to https://myosn.osn.com/Registration.aspx and click on Omantel Logo to access the registration page specifically designed for the Omantel customers.
  2. 2- Sign-up for the services using Omantel Landline account number and ADSL user name (available on “Right top section” of your Omantel monthly bill).
    Omantel account number
  3. 3- Follow the steps and create your Username and Password
  4. 4- To download the application on you devices, simply visit the respective “app store” and download the “OSN play” app.
  5. 5- Sign In using the username and password that you have created and enjoy.

Back to top I registered prior to March 19 and already have an OSN ID. Do I need to re-register?

Yes, when you try to access OSN Play, you’ll be automatically re-directed to the registration page. To complete the registration process and start viewing you need to provide a valid email address and mobile number. The sms verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. See detailed steps in ‘How to Register’

Back to top How many digital devices can I register with OSN Play?

You can register up to two devices for OSN Play (PC or Mac.)

The first two devices you use to watch OSN Play will be automatically registered to your OSN account. You have the opportunity to add or remove one of these devices every 60 days. Simply sign into My OSN, go to the Settings menu and select Manage Devices.

If you try and sign in on a new device that’s not registered with us, you’ll be directed to the device management page.

Back to top I have multiple subscriptions. How many devices can I register with each subscription?

You can register OSN Play on up to two devices (PC or Mac) for each paid OSN TV subscription.

Back to top Can I manage all my subscriptions with a single OSN ID?

No, you need to register each separate subscription using a different OSN ID for each OSN TV subscription.

Back to top I am a new subscriber to OSN TV but I can’t register for OSN Play

Your OSN TV subscription needs to be active before you can use OSN Play. Please call us and we’ll activate your account.

Back to top Can I watch OSN Play on all my computers?

You can watch OSN Play on a maximum of two devices (PC or Mac) both at the same time using two of your OSN IDs. The first two devices you use to watch OSN Play will be automatically registered to your account.

If you have more than two computers or laptops, you can easily change which two are registered to OSN Play. Simply sign in to My OSN, go to Settings menu and select Manage Devices.

Back to top Can I change the devices I’ve registered?

Yes, just sign in to My OSN, go to Settings and select Manage Devices. You can add or remove devices that are registered to OSN Play.

Once you’ve registered your two devices every 60 days you’ll have the chance to remove or replace one computer or laptop.

Back to top Where can I check which devices I’ve registered?

Checking is easy. Just sign into My OSN, go to Settings menu and select Manage Devices. You can remove devices and register new ones.

Back to top What’s a sub-account?

A sub-account allows different members of your household to watch OSN Play on either of your two registered devices.

Back to top How many sub-accounts can I have?

You can create three sub-accounts.

Back to top What’s the benefit of having a sub-account?

A sub-account allows each user to have their own personal experience. A sub-account also gives you the added assurance of parental control over the shows your family watches.

Back to top How do I create a sub-account?
  1. Go to My OSN
  2. Click on OSN Play Settings.
  3. Go to Sub-account/Parental settings.
  4. Click on Add New OSN sub- account.
  5. Enter the email id for the sub-account user and set the Parental settings eg PG or 15.
  6. Click on Invite and an invitation email will be sent to your sub-account user.
  7. Once the sub-account user receives the invitation email they will need to create their own OSN ID.

The sub-account user can only view content on either of the two devices that have been registered.

If the sub-account user does not have an email address you can use your own registered email to complete the process.

Back to top How do I manage my sub-accounts?

If you would like to add a new sub-account, delete an existing sub-account or edit the parental setting of a sub-account, here’s how:

  1. Go to My OSN.
  2. Click on OSN Play settings.
  3. Go to Sub-account/Parental settings.
  4. Add, delete or edit the details.

Back to top How often can I change my sub-accounts?

You can change your sub-accounts as many times as you like.

Back to top Can my sub-account users change any access or settings?

No, only you, the primary user can make these changes. The sub-account user can only update their user name and nickname.

Back to top How can I increase the content that my sub-account user can view?

  1. Go to My OSN.
  2. Click on OSN Play settings.
  3. Go to Sub-account/Parental settings.
  4. Amend the Parental settings to increase the amount of content if this has been set too low.

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5.0.3 OSN Play Registration Errors I can’t watch on my Mac.

For OSN Play to work on a Mac, it must be Intel-based.

Back to top My OSN Smartcard is invalid

Remove the OSN Smartcard from your primary active OSN Box and check the number. If the number you entered is correct, but you’re still getting an invalid message, check if your subscription is active.

Back to top My OSN Smartcard is blocked or cancelled

Please check that you have an active OSN TV subscription.

Back to top Invalid subscriber type

In order to use OSN Play you must have an active OSN Box and OSN TV subscription. If you’re enjoying OSN as a cable customer, commercial customer, or in a Hotel, you won’t be able to register for OSN Play at this time. Stay tuned.

Back to top My password is invalid

You will get this message if you have not entered enough characters or spaces. Make sure you use 6 or more characters and don’t use any spaces

A strong password has 8 characters or more with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. The strength meter will show you how strong your password is.

Back to top My email is invalid

Check that you’ve used a valid email address and please re-try.

Back to top Password mismatch

Make sure you enter the same password on the Confirm password line.

Back to top I did not receive a confirmation email

Please check your spam or junk mail folder of your email account. If it’s not there, go back to the registration process and request a confirmation email.

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5.0.4 OSN Play Login Errors Device not registered

You can only watch OSN Play using the devices you registered. If this is your first time watching OSN Play, your device will be automatically registered.

Back to top Invalid user name

If you’re an existing customer, please check your username and enter the username that you gave when registering your device. If you can’t remember your user name, please follow the steps in the Forgot User id section.

Back to top Invalid password

Please check your password. Make sure you use the same password you used when registering your device.

Back to top Forgot OSN ID

If you forgot your OSN ID:

  1. Click on Forgot ID icon.
  2. Enter your OSN Smartcard number.
  3. Enter the email address that you used to register with.
  4. Enter the code displayed (on the browser).
  5. Click on Get OSN ID.

An email will be sent to you with your user id and your password will remain unchanged.

Back to top Forgot Password
  1. Click on Forgot Password icon.
  2. Enter your OSN ID.
  3. Enter the email address that you used to register with.

A temporary password will be sent to you. You can change this to something more memorable when you log in again.

Back to top Account blocked

Please check that your OSN TV subscription is active.

Back to top My sub-accounts have been blocked

Please check that your OSN TV subscription is active.

If you’ve updated your email address your account and sub-accounts will be temporarily blocked until you verify your email change by clicking on the link that we will send you.

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5.0.5 OSN Play technical requirements and support What are the technical requirements for OSN Play?

To get the best quality viewing experience with OSN Play, you need to check that your computer meets the technical requirements. If you’re not sure about your computer’s technical specifications, you’ll be able to find these in the manufacturer’s handbook.

Technical specifications

Acceptable operating systems (versions of Windows):

  • Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32 bit).
  • Windows XP, Service Pack 3.
  • Apple Macintosh: Leopard (10.5) Snow Leopard (10.6) or Higher.

Browser (the program you use to access the web):

  • Internet Explorer 8 or above.
  • Firefox 3.5 or above.
  • Safari 4.0 or above.

Hardware specifications

  • Windows X86 or x64 1.6-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor with 512-MB of RAM
  • Apple Macintosh: Intel Based

Samsung Smart TV Firmware Updates :

  • To continue watching OSN Play on your Samsung Smart TV, please switch off your TV’s automatic firmware updates. Please refer to your TV’s manual, access your TV’s Smart Hub or refer to Samsung’s online help centre to follow the steps required to switch off your TV’s firmware updates. If you are prompted to update your TV’s firmware at any time, please choose the option not to do so.
  • Taking these steps will ensure your continued enjoyment of OSN Play.

Back to top How can I check what memory my computer has?


  • Open the Start menu on your Windows menu bar and select My Computer.
  • Right click and select Properties.
  • Check the installed memory and CPU processor.


  • Click on Apple in top left of menu bar
  • Select About This Mac
  • Check the memory and CPU processor

Back to top What internet connection speed do I need to watch OSN Play?

The picture and sound quality of OSN Play will depend on your broadband connection speed, your computer hardware, and whatever else you are using your computer for at the time.

For the best possible viewing experience, we recommend a broadband speed of at least 2MB.

Back to top What do I need to watch OSN Play on my computer?

To enjoy OSN Play on your computer, you'll need a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 512KB, a valid OSN TV subscription and an OSN ID.

If you don’t already have an OSN ID, it's easy to register for one and should only take a few minutes. Visit My OSN sign up page, and follow the instructions to enter your details and create your OSN ID. Once created, you can use this OSN ID to sign in to OSN Play.

You will also need Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer. If you don’t have the most recent version of Microsoft Silverlight, you will be prompted to download this when you try and watch a program after signing in to OSN Play. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

To check whether your computer meets the technical requirements needed for OSN Play, see the What are the technical requirements for OSN Play?

If you’re ready to start watching OSN Play, visit the OSN Play homepage now to get started.

Back to top – Google Chrome issues

This application will not work in Chrome soon. To continue enjoying Play please switch to an alternative browser.

Back to top How do I find my broadband speed?

The access line or connection speed is the speed of your broadband connection between the local telephone exchange and your wireless router. This is the speed that your provider is able to provide into your home rather than the actual speeds that you experience when using the internet.

To check the actual access line speed of your broadband connection, open a web browser window (e.g. Internet Explorer) and search www.speedtest.net

Back to top If you are still having problems

If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing OSN Play, the following may help.

Restart your computer

Switch off your computer. Switch off your router, wait for 20 seconds, then plug your router back in and restart your computer.

Check your power connections

Make sure that your broadband router is correctly connected to your broadband phone socket. The power supply may not be reaching your equipment. Check that your router and computer are both security connected.

Check your power cables

Check that your computer and router are securely connected to one another and that both machines are connected to a power supply and turned on.

Change your security software settings

Programs running in the background may slow your browsing experience such as viruses or other programs trying to track your online activity for marketing purposes. You can use the anti-spyware features of your security to remove them.

If you’re using McAfee Security suite, check that your privacy service isn’t set to ‘reject all cookies’ as this can stop you accessing some websites. To check, double click on the McAfee Security Centre icon on your desktop and select privacy service from the main menu.

Clear your browser cache history

Your cache is a collection of files that record your activity on the internet. These files are usually stored in your computer's Temporary Internet Files folder. Clearing them away can free up space on your hard drive and resolve certain browsing problems.

Here’s how to clear your files, log onto http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache

Back to top For other technical issues

What if there is no volume on my device?

If the side switch is already set to the active position, or configured to control the lock rotation, then go to settings > general and there is an entry for “use side switch to:” with entries for “Lock rotation” and “Mute”. Ensure that “Mute” is selected and then ensure that the side switch is in the active position (i.e. sounds are enabled).

What if my application keeps on loading or doesn’t open correctly?

If OSN Play doesn’t open correctly on your device, please delete and reinstall the application

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